The new BMW i4 M50 is a bit of unusual M Performance car. For starters, it’s the first-ever all-electric M Performance car, but that’s not the strangest part. What makes the i4 M50 so odd is that, despite not being a full-blown M Division product, it’s actually faster than the real M Division version of itself, the BMW M3. And, despite being faster, it’s also cheaper. Which might lead customers into thinking it’s something it’s not. So does it deserve an actual M badge or is there more to performance than just straight line speed?

In this new video from Throttle House, we get to find out. BMW seems to think the i4 M50 is some sort of proper, corner carving M car. At least that’s what its press releases claim, as Throttle House so kindly points out. But it simply isn’t that. At all.

The BMW i4 M50 is a very good car at several things; it’s bonkers fast in a straight line, it has an outstanding ride, it’s shockingly quiet inside, and it’s actually surprisingly affordable, given its performance. However, a canyon carver it is not. Its steering is numb, it’s far too heavy to feel fun, and it never inspires its driver to play with it.

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To be honest, it’s okay if the BMW i4 M50 is more of a GT car than a performance car. It is, after all, an M Performance car and not a full-blown M car. All other M Performance cars are the same way; fast in a straight line and sort of fun in the corners but lack the full-blown M car’s agility and dynamics. However, the problem Throttle House seems to have with the i4 M50 is that it doesn’t even feel fun for an M Performance car. It’s too isolated and numb even when compared to cars like the BMW M340i. In fairness to the i4 M50, I felt the same way about the M440i Gran Coupe.

It seems as if the BMW i4 M50 is a very good luxury GT car that happens to be entirely electric. However, if you’re expecting some sort of electric BMW M3, or even an electric M340i, you’re going to be disappointed.