Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is often inspired by nature. “The friendship with wood is the basis of intimate space,” says Kuma. That desire to connect design with nature is one of the reasons Kuma is drawn to Rolls-Royce. In this new video, Kuma talks about his passion for both design and nature and how Rolls-Royce fits into both passions.

Kuma’s own Rolls-Royce Dawn is a beautifully simplistic bit of design. The metallic silver paint over its white and black interior are clean and minimalist, while also classy and sophisticated. The bright colors keep the car looking and feeling light and airy. His design firm’s logo embroidered on the headrests are the only subtle flourishes throughout the cabin.

Of course, given Kuma’s love for nature in his designs, his Dawn features gorgeous light wood veneers, which is especially beautiful on the rear deck of the convertible.

“With Rolls-Royce, every detail and every material is touching our heart,” says Kuma. “This is machine but the machine has a heart.”

What’s interesting is that most car enthusiasts wouldn’t typically consider Rolls-Royces as typically emotional cars. They’re isolating, incredibly exclusive, and insanely opulent; not exactly the main things enthusiasts look for in an emotional car. However, when you look at it from a designer’s perspective, all of its incredible attention to detail, stunning materials, and impeccable build quality to give it heart of its own.

Its mechanical heart ain’t too shabby, either. The 6.6 liter twin-turbo V12 makes 563 horsepower and delivers all of that power to just the rear wheels, which means it’s surprisingly quick for such a big luxury car.

Without question, Rolls-Royces are among the most well designed and finely crafted automobiles on the planet. To listen to what makes them so special from an architect, someone who’s job it is to blend function and form, is fascinating.