Surprisingly or not, the facelifted BMW X3 and X4 models – unveiled late last year – were not available with the latest Active Cruise Control features from the get go. That will change this April, when the latest version of the Stop & Go function will be available on the SUV and Sports Activity Coupe. The Active Cruise Control function is one of the most useful features you can get in a BMW, especially for longer highway trips. That’s because it has some interesting functions on top of what Adaptive Cruise Control is offering. Unlike the already standard cruise control with braking function, it not only keeps the desired speed between 30 and 160 km/h constant (20 to 100 mph), but also the distance to vehicles ahead, which can be selected by the driver in four stages.

Distance control is carried out by means of a radar sensor integrated into the front bumper which, if necessary, makes the vehicle decelerate to a standstill. The range of functions also includes automatic restarting after short intermediate stops of up to three seconds. In addition, the system offers the driver the option of adopting speed limits registered by the Systems Speed Limit Info traffic sign recognition system as the new desired speed at the touch of a button.

That’s all part of the usual Spring model upgrades BMW usually offers on its cars. Every Spring and Fall, the Bavarian brand offers a bump for its models, including new tech, new optional features and sometimes new paint hues or materials used for the cabin. For the BMW X3 and X4 models, which are rather new on the scene, few things have been left out of the bag when they were unveiled. Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function was one of them apparently, but that’s all getting sorted out in April.