With a car as complex and interesting as the BMW iX, a typical week-long test drive isn’t enough to get a real understanding of what it’s like. There’s a lot to take in with the iX; its styling, its cabin, its bespoke EV chassis, its electric powertrain, said powertrain’s efficiency, its battery range, charge speed, and practicality, to name only a handful of interesting aspects. Which is why Cars.co.za got quite lucky, with the opportunity to test drive the iX xDrive50 for a month.

Host Ciro De Siena spent four weeks with the BMW iX xDrive50 over the recent holiday break, which is enough to properly gauge what the car is like; its strengths, its weaknesses, its quirks (and features), and whether or not it excels as an EV. According to De Siena, the BMW iX is a very interesting car and it’s hard to disagree.

There’s a lot to like about the BMW iX. Its interior is nothing short of fabulous, the xDrive50 model packs 516 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque and can get from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, and it’s built on a bespoke EV architecture that features an extensive use of carbon fiber.

However, there’s also quite a bit to criticize. While most enthusiasts will criticize its design, that’s subjective so let’s not worry about that. Instead, there are some real concerns, such as the lack of front trunk, the lack of cargo space relative to its combustion siblings, and its new iDrive 8 can be a bit frustrating.

For the most part, though, De Siena seems seriously impressed with the BMW iX xDrive50. Both with how it drives and its tech. He also appreciates how “left field” the design is, which is typically the car’s main criticism. This review goes to show that if you give the BMW iX a chance, it just might make a lasting impression on you.