One of the quirkiest of modern Bimmers is unquestionably the BMW X2. It was designed to be a funky, small, and stylish crossover for customers who wanted something a bit more practical than a sedan but still wanted the fuel economy and driving dynamics of one. That funky car is going to get even funkier. Welcome the BMW X2 Edition GoldPlay. What is the GoldPlay X2? It’s just a BMW X2 with a funky new trim package. Admittedly, it’s a very comprehensive trim package; one that offers unique gold accents for the exterior, interior, wheels, trim, and even stitching.

San Remo Green Is Stunning

The BMW X2 GoldPlay is available in six different colors; San Remo Green (seen in photos), Alpine White, Misano Blue, Black Sapphire Metallic (also seen in these photos), Skyscraper Grey, and the BMW Individual Storm Bay. In addition, there are two frozen colors available as well; Frozen Black metallic and Frozen Pure Grey.

Along with most of those color options, you get all of the gold trim and accents seen in the photos. Which means you get gold kidney grilles, a gold pinstripe livery, gold mirror caps, and even gold accents in the wheels. With either of the Frozen options, the gold livery and trim are deleted and the grille surrounds are painted black, while the mirror caps are body color.

Open the doors and gold-trimmed sill plates greet you, as does an interior that’s positively brimming with gold accents. The seat stitching is gold, as is the interior trim, which gets a gold pinstripe theme similar to the exterior, and the carpets also get “Giallo Oro” gold piping. Though, that’s really it. The rest of the interior is the same as any other X2.

The Edition GoldPlay is available on any X2 model variant; whether it’s a standard diesel car, the hybrid X2 xDrive25e, or even the X2 M35i. However, all Edition GoldPlay models get a few specific options, regardless of chosen powertrain. M Sport suspension is standard on all GoldPlay cars, which lowers the ride height 10mm, as are the M Aerodynamics package and Shadowline trim. The gold wheel accents come on either wheel option; 19″ and 20″.

Aside from the gold bits, the BMW X2 Edition GoldPlay is just a standard X2. However, the X2 is a big seller for BMW — which is why it’s getting another generation, which will even get an all-electric variant — and customer that buy X2s are typically a bit extroverted. The BMW X2 is a funky looking car, so it stands to reason that many X2 customers would appreciate something as bold and as funky as the Edition GoldPlay.