SUVs weren’t developed for quick acceleration in a straight light, but that hasn’t stopped luxury brands from launching high-performance versions. BMW is a big promoter of the niche by selling more than a few M-branded sport utility vehicles. Very few high-riding models can keep up with the X5 M Competition, so is this G63 up to the task?

YouTuber Archie Hamilton Racing wanted to answer the question and lined up the two speedy luxobarges in a drag race. Both SUVs weigh just about as much as the moon, but the G63 is even more of a porker. It tips the scales at 2,485 kilograms, some 175 kg more than its archrival from Bavaria. The G-Wagen’s fridge-like shape is not doing it any favors as the drag coefficient is less than ideal.

The boxy SUV is also substantially down on power since it packs “only” 577 hp whereas the X5 M Competition unleashes 617 hp. On the flip side, the AMG does have the edge in terms of torque by offering an extra 100 Nm, at 850 Nm. Both have sophisticated launch control systems, an automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive to efficiently channel power to the road.

Despite nearly perfect launches, the AMG G63 ultimately had to settle for second place in both drag races. The Mercedes driver had the traction control on in the first duel and then turned it off for the second showdown but to no avail. The X5 M Competition was unquestionably quicker that day, and the gap became more evident at higher speeds.

Wind resistance takes its toll on the Mercedes while the sleeker BMW picks up speed at a higher pace. Even in the rolling race from 30 mph, the X5 M Competition effortlessly triumphed, leaving the AMG G63 behind by a considerable gap.

Surprised? Not really, since the Bimmer is an absolute beast of an SUV.

[Source: Archie Hamilton Racing / YouTube]