After driving the BMW M240i, it’s hard to not be excited about the upcoming G87-gen BMW M2. This new 2 Series chassis is so good that, when you’re driving the M240i, you realize it can handle so much more power and performance. So, naturally, seeing some new spy photos of the next-gen M2 gets us very excited. (We don’t own these spy photos but you can see them here)

Is it just me or does the new BMW M2 look really good in these photos? It’s low, wide, and mean, taking the already decent looking M240i and making it far better. Of course, heavy camouflage covers most of the car, obscuring almost all of its details, but the overall shape and silhouette look fantastic.

Expect similar headlights and taillights to the current M240i but with different kidney grilles, some added aerodynamics, more aggressive air intakes, and a bit of a bum spoiler. Let’s talk about those kidney grilles, though, as they’re likely to be a point of contention, among BMW fans. On the M2, the kidney grilles look a bit different than they do on the M240i. On the latter car, they seem a bit wider and have a bit of an upward curve to them. On the BMW M2, they seem a bit more squared off and even a bit chunkier. They also replace the vertical slat look of the M240i with horizontal slats that don’t look as good.

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It seems BMW tried to keep the M2 looking similar to the M3, in regard to grille inserts, which I think was a mistake. When the 2 Series debuted, the main point of praise from enthusiasts was its kidney grille design. Which makes changing it for the M2 bewildering (yes, I know the design was probably finalized before the 2 Series released, but still…).

Aside from the slightly weird grille, the BMW M2 should be a riot. With its slightly detuned S58 3.0 liter twin-turbo I6, the M2 should make between 400 and 430 horsepower, depending on whether you get the standard car or the M2 Competition. That engine will get a six-speed manual (hallelujah) and an eight-speed automatic as transmission options. Thankfully, it will also be rear-wheel drive-only. We can’t wait.

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