Winter is now in full swing, at least in some parts of the world. That, of course, brings about cold weather and snow in most of the Northern Hemisphere. Getting in a completely frozen car in the morning to take your kid to school or drive to work isn’t necessarily the best thing to wake up to. Thankfully, technology can help us out these days. BMW has a system that allows you to heat up your car remotely and make sure you don’t shiver too much standing around the car.

It’s called BMW Remote Start and it’s not a new thing. Cars have actually had remote start systems for decades, albeit not all of them were controllable from an app inside your phone. Basically, you can heat up your car before you get to it, not just to be more comfortable once inside, but also to make cleaning it of snow and ice a much easier process.

As for the video below, it’s just a funny ad that lets people know this feature actually exists, as some probably never even heard of it. It shows people all wrapped up in warm clothing, outside, doing their best to clean up their frozen cars in the morning, after just getting out of bed. They move slowly, have pale faces and basically give off a very zombie-esque feeling overall. We all know that feeling.

The system itself, however, may be illegal in certain countries, so you might want to check it out before using it. Most likely, BMW would disable it in the app if you live in one of those countries where running the engine idly while waiting for the car to warm up is against the law. If you have an electric or PHEV car, that can be done easily, since the car can use electricity from the grid to do so.