BMW has just released a series of updates and new services for their vehicles. Along with the “Uneven Road Surface warning” feature, BMW owners can now add a series of other options to their cars by simply selecting them in the  ConnectedDrive Store. One of them is the “Remote Engine Start” feature which lets you remotely precondition your BMW vehicle temperature. While Remote Engine Start has been available in BMW vehicles since MY2019, it is now available as a new “Function on Demand”, available for purchase via the ConnectedDrive Store for compatible vehicles that were not originally fitted with this option.

The new feature can be downloaded and installed over the air via Remote Software Upgrade. This is a great feature during the hot days of summer and frigid cold winters. It allows you to start the engine from inside your home or work and precondition the interior by either cooling with air conditioning or turning on the heat.

To activate Remote Engine Start, just tap a button in the My BMW app and your BMW’s engine will start, allowing your BMW’s interior to adjust to a comfortable temperature.  Remote Engine Start can also be operated using the BMW Key fob by a triple-click of the lock button.

The engine will not run indefinitely though. It will time-out after a short period of time and turn off to conserve fuel and the environment. If you are delayed, the 15-minute switch-off timer will be activated to reserve your battery and fuel. Here is how the feature works in the BMW X5 M and iDrive 7:

  1. From the home screen, press the ‘CAR’ menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Scroll to the right and choose ‘Climate Control’
  4. Select ‘Preconditioning/Ventilation’
  5. Select ‘Remote Engine Start’
  6. Check the box for ‘Starting Engine for Clim. Control’
  7. Select ‘OK’ if you agree to the disclaimer