BMW hast just issued their sales report for the U.S. market and the results were extraordinary, considering the challenging automotive landscape of 2021. BMW USA sales increased 20.8% or 336,644 units compared to the 278,732 vehicles sold in 2020. But the sales success is a global affair. According to BMW Board Member responsible for Sales & Marketing – Pieter Nota – the Munich-based automaker set a new sales record globally.

The previous record of 2,168,516 units dates from 2019 and were therefore set up before the corona pandemic and the current chip and semiconductor crisis. Without sharing an official figure – that will come in the next few days – Nota said that the BMW sold more than 2.2 million cars to customers around the world. In 2019, the BMW Group brands sold 2.5 million units, so it remains to be seen whether that figure was surpassed in 2021 as well.

BMW HQ Museum

Pieter Nota and BMW CEO Oliver Zipse should answer the last questions regarding the exact worldwide sales figures with an official press release in a few days. The thirst for new records is far from quenched, because according to, the sales boss expects profitable growth for 2022 as well.

Furthermore, according to Pieter Nota, the BMW brand was by far the most successful in the premium segment in 2021. That statement implies that BMW finished ahead of its archival Mercedes-Benz. Final figures from all car brands will arrive in the next few days and we will then have a full picture.

[Source: BimmerToday]