When it comes to truly expensive BMW models, there’s only one king out there, beating every single other rival within range. That would be the BMW 507. Initially a sales flop, the limited numbers BMW managed to actually push through its dealers, back when the car was new, actually work in its favor now, making the 507 a very rare car in any given situation. That’s probably why this mint Series II model is asking for so much money.

The car is up for grabs at Hemmings and it’s quite a stunner. A 1958 model dressed up in silver on the outside, combined with a red leather interior on the inside and white walls for a bit of extra pep in its walk, this BMW is a Series II model, a sort of facelift if you will, even though the 507 was only in production for three years. However, soon after launching it, BMW made some adjustments to improve the car. Fans of the 507 will appreciate the Series II mostly because of the extra room it offers inside, due to the changing of the position of the fuel tank.

Not the actual car being sold

This particular car, wearing the #70110 serial number was the 110th 507 built. The car was finished on January 14, 1958, and is confirmed to have been delivered with a removable hardtop and factory exhaust tips, according to the BMW Classic Zertifikat that comes with it. This particular model is one of only 21 made in the factory color “Silbergrau” metallic silver. This one is thought to have been showcased at the BMW Munich Pavillion after completion before being sold to the first owner in May 1958 and shipped to Caracas, Venezuela.

According to research obtained from the BMW Classic Car Club of America, this 507 is believed to have spent time in South America, eventually returning to Germany around 1960 where it remained for the next five decades. In 2005, this 507 was offered for sale and restored to a high standard from 2006-2008. During the restoration, a comprehensive mechanical overhaul was performed by the BMW Classic department. The car has a total mileage of 52,657 kilometers on the clock and is as pristine as they get. Is that worth the asking price of $2.45 million?