[UPDATE] After 39 bids, the no-reserve auction has ended and the 1987 BMW L6 has been sold for $10,111.

You are probably familiar with the BMW L7 from the E23 and E38 generations of the flagship sedan, but did you know there was also an L6? Introduced exclusively for the North American market with the 1987 model year, the L6 was essentially a more luxurious version of the 635 CSi (E24) that had been launched locally a few years earlier to replace the 633 CSi.

How many were made? According to the BMW Enthusiast’s Companion book, 1,330 units were produced for the United States between 1987 and 1990 model years, plus a handful in the subsequent two years. With 1,217 units manufactured, the first model year was by far the busiest, and one of those cars is listed on Doug DeMuro’s Cars & Bids auction website.

Finished in black with a light gray interior, the L6 has about 140,000 miles (225,300 kilometers) on the clock and hasn’t been involved in any accidents per the Carfax report. Being the posh version of the 635 CSi, it has virtually all the bells and whistles available at that time. From leather upholstery and power front seats to a sunroof and cruise control, it’s one of the best-equipped coupes from that era.

It’s been lightly modified in the sense it features H&R lowering springs, Bilstein B8 shocks and struts, plus 17-inch BMW Style 32 wheels. The exclusive coupe is far from being in perfect condition since the odometer and tachometer are not working, while the switchgear and dashboard show visible signs of wear and tear.

The air conditioning needs to be recharged and there’s a missing trim panel on the front passenger seat. One other defect is you can’t lock or unlock the door from the driver’s side, plus a rather nasty floor mat.

According to the owner residing in California where it has been registered since 1990, some sections of the exhaust are showing signs of rust and the body has several imperfections, but nothing too worrying. It’s been recently serviced and comes bundled with a spare set of 16-inch wheels. It retains the original inline-six 3.4-liter engine with 182 horsepower and 214 pound-feet (290 Newton-meters) of torque.

As it stands, the listing on Cars & Bids has generated a total of 14 bids, with the highest at just $7,058. The auction will come to an end later today and we will update the article to mention the final price. Being put up for sale without a reserve price, someone will definitely buy this rare gem.

[Source: Cars & Bids]