For a lot of car makers out there, the customers and fans are what keeps them relevant. However, none of them seem to appreciate their communities like MINI. The British brand is known for taking every opportunity to say thanks and involve them in the process and this Holiday season things got even more interesting. MINI put together a video clip for Chris Rea’s “Driving Home for Christmas” and it includes fans of the brand.

Millions of people will set out on various routes with a similar objective of returning home to the people they love and want to spend the holidays with over the coming weeks. Whether you’re on the highway, the freeway, a gravel road, or a country road covered in winter snow, the music for this journey will always be with you – on the radio, in your mind, and in the memories of generations. MINI is devoting a specially made video clip starring the global MINI community to the song that gets people all over the world in the mood for the festive season every year.

The video’s creation is part of the British car maker’s current brand campaign, BIG LOVE. The slogan is an expression of diversity in all of its forms, welcoming fresh thinking and new ideas from all corners of the globe. The MINI community’s distinctive blend of individualism and a sense of shared belonging plays a key role here. The motto “We are all different, but quite excellent together” captures the diversity of this community.

MINI enthusiasts from various countries and areas are depicted in a variety of methods making their way to relatives and friends over the festive season in the video clip for “Driving Home for Christmas.” One little known detail about the song’s initial conception is that Chris Rea actually wrote the lyrics after he took a trip home, aboard a classic Mini, from London to the North of England. That’s why this song was picked, 43 years after it was launched.