It might seem like BMW M5 Tourings have always existed but, in truth, they haven’t. In fact, since the M5’s debut in 1986, there have only been two M5 Tourings; the E34 and E61 generations. Despite the fact that BMW makes excellent Touring models for normal customers, the M Division just doesn’t put out a lot of wagons, which seems odd considering its competition from Audi Sport and Mercedes-AMG do. However, I think it makes a lot of sense for a BMW M5 Touring to come from this next generation 5 Series.

The next-gen BMW M5 will have all of the makings of a good M5 Touring. For starters, it’s going to look good. We know that the next-gen 5 Series will be a far more subdued looking car than the rest of BMW’s lineup at the moment. Which means no giant kidney grilles, no split headlights, and no wild design elements. Just pure and simple BMW design. Which would make a great base for a handsome but muscular looking M5 Touring.

The Time Is Now For Unique Models

Another reason is that this next-gen M5 will likely be the swansong for piston-powered M5s. The next M5 won’t debut for a few more years and it will then get another six years of its life cycle. After that, we’re knocking on 2030’s door and BMW M’s going to need to get cracking on full electrification. So what better way to send out the final gas-powered M5 than with a model its fanbase has been begging for since the beloved E61-generation?

Lastly, the next-gen BMW M5 is going to be one of the most fitting M5s in history for a Touring body style. For starters, it’s most certainly going to be the biggest model in M5 history, as that’s just the nature of the business; all successors get bigger and usually heavier. However, this next-gen M5 is also likely going to be a hybrid.

First And Last M5 Hybrid?

While BMW hasn’t confirmed anything just yet. I’d bet most of my money on the next M5 getting the same V8 plug-in hybrid powertrain as the BMW XM. That would give it the new S68 twin-turbocharged V8 engine with an electric motor and battery pack. In the BMW XM, that powertrain is going to make 750 horsepower. If the BMW M5 were to get that powertrain, it would instantly become the most powerful car in its class and I’m not sure BMW M could pass on the temptation of that claim.

Plus, that’s just sort of how it works, BMW M develops on V8 powertrain and stuffs it in all big M cars. With the development costs of such a powerful, expensive hybrid powertrain, BMW M is going to want to spread that cost out among its models. So it only makes sense that the M5 will get the monster 750 horsepower setup, too.

Also, just think of this for a second: a 750 horsepower, hybrid, all-wheel drive, BMW M5 Touring? If BMW M were create that, they’d be beloved by fans and they’d have what is quite possibly the coolest daily driver on the road.

Is Now The Time For An M5 Touring?

E34 M5 Touring

Do I think BMW will make an M5 Touring? I’m not sure but if there was ever a time, it’d probably be now. With the first-ever BMW M3 Touring on the way, it seems as if BMW M is more willing than ever to take some interesting shots and it’s also likely going to want to create some buzz around the last ever gas-powered M5. BMW M also knows that it would sell every single one it made, probably before they even hit dealership lots. Car collectors are becoming insane and if they got word of such a car, order sheets would start flying.

Let me be clear, though, there is no indication that BMW is going to make an M5 Touring for the next generation and I’m not positive it will get the XM’s hybrid powertrain. For former is just hope and the latter an estimated guess. So don’t go shouting on forums that an M5 Touring is coming. But it does make a lot of sense for one to come and I think BMW has a great opportunity to make something special.