With only 150 cars ever produced, the M3 GTS (E92) is one of the rarest M cars ever built by BMW. The high-performance coupe finished in BMW Individual Fire Orange has been the source of inspiration for an impressive build based on the car’s subsequent generation, the M4 F82. The striking car with a stage 2 kit belongs to Aspect Detailing, a UK-based professional automotive detailing company.

Not only is the rare paint job exactly the same, but the M4 fitted with the optional Competition Package also gets a massive fixed rear wing on the trunk lid spoiler along with more than a few carbon fiber upgrades. Evolve Automotive worked on the S55 engine, and while power figures are not available, the straight-six engine is estimated to push out as much as 600 horsepower. It’s a healthy bump over the 444 hp delivered by the twin-turbo 3.0-liter in stock form.

The more you look at the car, the more modifications you can spot. From the golden brake calipers to the lowered ride height courtesy of a Bilstein upgrade, the M4 has been subjected to quite a few tweaks without looking overdone. Interestingly, the owner did not deliberately try to mimic the look of the M3 GTS, and yet the M4 is a nice tribute to the limited-run special edition from more than a decade ago.

The S55 sounds positively glorious thanks to an Active Autowerke exhaust system with chunky quad tips, not just while accelerating, but also when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal and the dual-clutch gearbox starts to downshift. Speaking of which, the seven-speed M transmission has been remapped with the xHP flash tool for a quicker reaction at the driver’s inputs.

Needless to say, traction is a bit of an issue for a while what with approximately 600 horsepower sent to the rear wheels on a damp road. However, some would argue that is part of a modded car’s charm provided there’s an experienced driver sitting behind the wheel. The owner mentions he doesn’t necessarily plan any other upgrades, but if something were to go wrong with the turbochargers, he would likely opt for a bigger pair to extract even more oomph from the already potent engine.

[Source: hampshirephoto / YouTube]