If you want to go racing in a proper BMW race car, the Bavarians will sell you one for the low price of just $210,000. Admittedly, that’s actually not so bad, considering it’s a flipping race car. The race car in question is the BMW M4 GT4 which, despite its name, is not a standard roadgoing M4. Instead, it’s an M4 that’s been made into something that’s race-legal in several different motorsport series. It’s not road legal, though, so don’t get any crazy ideas.

But what is it like to actually drive the M4 GT4? Is it frightening, intimidating, or difficult? Apparently, it’s not, according to CNET Roadshow’s Tim Stevens. He had the chance to drive the newly updated BMW M4 GT4 Evo at the Thermal Club in Palm Springs, during a press event. However, even regular old customers and enthusiasts just like you can do the very same thing for $2,795.

During his time in the M4 GTS, Stevens was surprised with just how forgiving it was to drive. Sure, it’s not exactly comfortable; it’s loud as hell inside, every vibration is sent directly to your spine, and the air conditioning only works under braking. I can’t imagine there are many M4 GT4s that smell any good inside… However, despite the lack of creature comforts, the M4 GT4 seems to be a sweetheart to drive.

After some coaching from longtime BMW pro-driver Bill Auberlen, Stevens was able to really get a feel for the car and enjoyed driving it. When you see a car like the BMW M4 GT4 — with all of its aero, its racing livery, and its stripped out interior, it can seem seriously intimidating. Turns out it isn’t, though, and any customer that wants to put down the cash to drive one, as part of BMW’s driving school program, will have a great time behind the wheel. Check out Steven’s full review below.

[Source: CNET Roadshow]