I want to love the new BMW M4 Competition xDrive Convertible (just not that long name, sheesh), I really do. I haven’t driven it yet but the idea of a 503 horsepower, all-wheel drive, BMW convertible is very exciting, especially one that drives as well as the standard M3 and M4. However, the previous F83 M4 Convertible left a sour taste in my mouth, due to its floppity chassis. So does this new one fix the old one’s soggy chassis issues? According to this new review from Piston Heads, yes it does.

For the new G83 generation M4 Convertible, BMW did a few things differently. In fact, PH specifically says that the new G83 — while certainly not perfect — fixes the issues of its predecessor. Over bumps, PH editor Mike Duff says of the M4 Convertible, “It’s not an open-topped bank vault, there was still the sense of slight movement through the steering column as the body flexed plus very slight mirror vibration over certain frequencies of bumps. But it was nothing like the wibbly wobbly F83.”

Music to my ears. More importantly, the lack of roof hasn’t ruined the steering or handling feel of the M4. Drive any new BMW M3 or M4 and you’ll soon realize that they’re a cut above other sports cars in the segment. Thankfully, that same razor-sharp tactility isn’t lost with the loss of the M4’s roof. If anything, the added engine and exhaust noise, along with the wind in your hair, adds to the experience and makes it more exciting.

Of course, it’s not perfect; it’s quite the porky car, checking in at over two tons, and it’s still not as rigid as the Coupe; but it’s certainly an upgrade over its predecessor and seems to be a worthy topless addition to the M4 lineup.

[Source: Piston Heads]