Nürburgring taxis are quite popular among enthusiasts, as they allow us mere mortals to get a taste of what it’s like to properly lap the ‘Ring in something very, very fast. The most famous ‘Ring taxi driver was Sabine Schmitz (RIP), who was a legend of the Nürburgring, but there are other ‘Ring taxis you can take and Apex is a company the provides taxi rides around the iconic circuit. Joe Achilles met up with Apex front man Misha Charoudin to get a ride around the ‘Ring in one of Apex’s taxis — a modified F80 BMW M3.

The F80 M3 was build by Team Schirmer, who are experts at building BMWs for the Nürburgring, and it’s properly set up. Everything about the suspension and chassis have been modified specifically for Nürburgring-duty. The suspension, trailing arms, control arms, rear diff, axles, brakes, wheels, and tires, were all modified to ‘Ring use and it shows. On track, the Apex/Team Schirmer M3 is properly insane.

In this new video, Achilles rides shotgun, with Charoudin in the back, and pro racing driver David Pittard behind the wheel. Pittard is not only a pro driver but he’s also an Apex Nürburgring taxi driver, so he knows the ‘Ring about as well as anyone and it shows. He’s able to push the M3 to the absolute limit, go nearly rubber-to-rubber with other cars, and manage simply insane speeds through corners, all while narrating the lap and looking as cool as a cucumber.

I’ve never been to the ‘Ring before but I’ve been driven around by pro drivers on race tracks before and their ability to drive at speeds us normies can barely even imagine, without ever breaking a sweat, is astonishing. That ability is cranked up to eleven in this video, as the ‘Ring is an entirely different animal than the tracks I’ve been on. Watch this video as Achilles laughs so hard he can barely breath, as they fly through corners at terrifying speeds. Dammit, Joe, now I’m looking up flights to Germany…