There are a few BMWs that have recently shot way up in value. Cars like the E46 BMW M3 and E39 BMW M5 have become shockingly expensive over the past couple of years. Add the BMW 1 Series M to the list, as one just sold on Bring-A-Trailer for a whopping $83,500.

The BMW 1 Series M was always a bit expensive. Since its debut in 2011, the 1M has never dipped under its original MSRP, making it a wise investment for original owners. This specific car, a 2011 (the only model year it was made) BMW 1 Series M in Valencia Orange, is an especially clean example with very low miles, just 14,000 miles on the clock. Naturally, that made it even more valuable than it already was. BMW 1M prices were always high but this is the highest we’ve seen in a while.

It isn’t completely stock, though. While its modifications are subtle; a new charge pipes, blow-off valve, and a vent gauge; they’re modifications nonetheless. So hardcore collectors likely would stay away from such a car, which only makes its price more surprising. Typically, when you see a car sell for quite a bit more than usual, it’s because it’s a nut-and-bolt original example but this one isn’t. So what would a 1M like that go for?

The BMW 1 Series M is an incredible driver’s car, just ask Horatiu. He’s had one since new back in 2011 and still loves it. Is it an $83,500 driving experience? I’m not so sure, since, for that money, you can get a killer brand-new Porsche Cayman, a C8 Corvette, or a BMW M4 Competition. However, the 1M is purer than all of them, except for maybe the Cayman, and will hold its value incredibly well.

Hopefully whoever buys it actually drives it, though. With so few miles, it wouldn’t be surprising to see such a car sit in an air-conditioned garage for the rest of time. The BMW 1 Series M is too good a driver’s car to suffer such a fate. Value be damned, drive the thing.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]