The BMW iX is supposed to be the brand’s new flagship electric car, which also means that it needs to be BMW’s technological flagship. So it has to be more than just some electric X5, it needs to be forward thinking, it needs to have clever designs, and it needs to have some cool features that will impress and excite customers.

In this new video, we get to show off some of the new cool features from the BMW iX, with the help of Carina Gärtner, product manager for the IX.

We start outside, with the front end of the car. While the kidney grille panel might be controversial looking, it’s very useful. It’s a housing panel for all of the car’s frontal sensors and keeps them hidden from view. So rather than have ugly sensors visible, they’re integrated into the kidney grille. Interestingly, the panel is quite functional. It has heating elements to keep snow and ice from obscuring the sensors’ abilities and the surface features a self-healing film, which will heal any sort of scratches or stone chips on its own.

Moving onto the interior, we get to see the impressive cabin of the BMW iX. It’s more spacious than its exterior would suggest, thanks to its bespoke EV architecture, and it features the nicest interior of any BMW, maybe ever. More importantly, though, it has some cool tech features.

There’s the electrochromic sunroof, which can switch from opaque to transparent with the press of a button, and BMW’s latest iDrive system. The latter has more functionality than ever before and is far more intuitive to use than all of its previous iterations. One nice function is its ability to tell the driver if certain charging stations are full and if they need to find a new one. That will save a lot of time for drivers.

Check this video out to learn far more about the BMW iX and its many, many more interesting features. This video shows of its exterior, interior, tech, and gadgets in detail, so if you want to know more about the iX, this is the video to watch.