SPOFEC isn’t the first brand to tune and modify the new Rolls-Royce Ghost. Far from it. However, its new tuning package for the new Ghost is one of the best we’ve seen thus far because it keeps a lot of the standard car’s grace and elegance. In addition to adding a bit more style, this new tuning kit also packs quite a bit more power.

The total tuning package from SPOFEC includes an ECU tune, a stainless steel exhaust system with an electronic valve controller for inside the cabin, air suspension control module that can lower the ride by 40 mm, wheel spacers to give it a wider, more aggressive look, and a full aerodynamic body kit.

What we like, though, is that the latter isn’t obnoxious. It’s actually surprisingly subtle. To the unknowing eye, it barely looks any different than the standard Ghost, which is already a stunning machine. The SPOFEC kit gives it a new front bumper, new rear bumper, side skirts, ever-so-slightly flared fenders, and a small rear lip spoiler. It’s certainly sportier (a term which likely makes the designers in Goodwood cringe) but it’s far more reserved than some other tuned Rollers.

It also gets new wheels, which are larger and a bit sportier looking than the standard wheels fitted to the Ghost. What’s interesting, though, is that they look like they could be a factory option. They’re really quite tame for aftermarket wheels and fit the look of the car quite well.

The car in these photos also has no modifications to its interior, which is a very good thing. No one can really improve on a Rolls-Royce cabin, so it’s better to just leave it alone. This one has a lovely black and orange color scheme, which fits the slightly menacing look of the exterior.

I personally wouldn’t modify a Rolls-Royce Ghost but if I were to, it’d look something like this. Good work, SPOFEC. [Images by NOVITEC]