BMW is currently working on the future G60 5 Series model. As the current G30 version turns seven in 2023, work on its replacement has already kicked off. But what will the new 5er bring to the table? That’s a big question and there’s a lot riding on it, as the mid-size sedan is of extreme importance for BMW, being one of its best-sellers. The all-out M version BMW M5 will also have some pretty big shoes to fill but what powertrain will it be using?

If the standard 5 Series powertrain situation is pretty much clear right now, with the G60 generation most likely relying solely on 2.0 liter and 3.0 liter straight six mills, combined in one way or another with electric motors for the higher-end versions. For the M5, things are a bit different. There’s still a lot of talk going around regarding the solution BMW M will pick. Autocar published a report today, saying that a hybrid and an electric version are both possible.

According to them, one possibility would be to see the new M5 using the same powertrain as in the upcoming BMW XM SUV. That would mean using the same 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8, combined with an electric motor that would push the performance envelope to over 750 horsepower. That would be enough to offset the added weight brought on by the electric side of things. Furthermore, this setup would make the M5 a true rival for the likes of Mercedes-AMG’s GT73 4-door coupe.

The report also includes a reference to a potential BMW i5 M. As the name suggests, this would be a top of the line electric 5 Series – which we already know it’s happening – with up to 800 horsepower coming from three electric motors. Apparently, the CLAR platform the upcoming 5er will be using, can accommodate up to three electric motors, so that kind of power would definitely not be an issue.

This plays well with other reports we’ve seen, claiming that BMW has already tested an electric 5 Series with about 1,000 HP and that such a possibility is not incredibly far fetched. Of course, right now, all of this is just supposition and there’s no official answer as to which direction BMW will adopt.

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