Almost all BMW enthusiasts are aware of Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG), the premiere BMW restoration shop in North Americas. One of the special things about EAG is how they keep up with not only their customers but their cars. They know which cars they sell to which clients and they like to keep tabs on the cars. In this video we get to see an E39 BMW M5 which was sold to a former BMW North America employee, Kenn Sparks.

This specific E39 BMW M5 is a fantastic example; Alpine White with Caramel interior, and it’s in absolutely stunning condition. Sparks bought his E39 M5 from EAG, after it had been with a previous owner, so EAG’s Eric Keller knows it quite well.

In this video, Keller and Sparks talk about the E39 BMW M5, where Sparks first saw it and fell in love with it, where he drives it, and how it’s helped him stay in touch with people at BMW. It’s also great to hear how the M5 helped Sparks through Covid lockdown over the past year.

During 2020, most people refrained from social activity, which led to a lot of people going a bit insane. I know it certainly affected myself and my family. But Sparks was able to blow off some steam, get some energy out, and regain a sense of excitement from driving his E39 M5 through some twisty mountain roads of South Carolina. The mountains Sparks is referring to are the Blue Ridge Mountains, which I myself have driven before, and the roads are incredible, combined with absolutely breathtaking scenery. I can only imagine what a blast through those mountains in an E39 BMW M5 would be like.

Sparks claims that, after a drive in that car, in those mountains, he came out with a brighter world view and in a better mood, each and every time. I don’t doubt that for a second.