A large portion of BMW enthusiasts are young people. Most of those young people lack the means to buy a brand-new G80 BMW M3 Competition. However, never before has it been easier for young people to enjoy dream cars. Back in the day, a young fan would have to look at photos of the car in a magazine and would need a bit of luck to see one pass by in real life, just to hear its exhaust note. Now, thanks to YouTube, young fans can live vicariously through some owners on the internet. In this case, Joe Achilles, who owns a BMW M3 Competition and isn’t shy about driving it.

In his latest video, Achilles shows off the second part of his Petrol Head Tours adventure, in which he covered thousands of miles in his brand-new M3 Comp. Most other YouTubers buy their cars and keep them in classified garages, like they’re nuclear footballs being kept away from evil villains, never to see the light of day. Not “Grillez”, though, Achilles’ very appropriately named M3.

BMW M3 Competition Test Drive 31 of 40 830x467

During his time, his M3 Competition saw all sorts of incredible roads, stunning scenery, and even changes in weather. He made sure to take full advantage of the tail-happy M3 in the wet, with a few “childish” donuts. Regardless of weather, though, these are the sorts of trips more people need to do in their M3 Comps. It’s a brilliant car to travel long distances in because it’s just so fast and fun, while also being genuinely usable. Hell, Achilles could have had two other people along for the journey and the M3 still would have handled it.

If you’ve driven the new M3 Comp, you know just how rare it is to find a car that drives as sharply as the M3, while also being as practical. The Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio and M5 CS are the only two other cars I can think of, if I’m being honest. So check this video out, to see just how broad the M3 Competition’s abilities are.