Ask almost any BMW enthusiasts which 5 Series generation is best and the answer will most likely be the E39. Most BMW enthusiasts are also great lovers of ALPINA, the German manufacturer that takes ordinary BMWs and turns them into far more special cars. Which is why this E39-generation ALPINA B10 is so desirable — it’s a combination of the two.

Up for auction on Collecting Cars, this 2002 ALPINA B10 V8 S is a fantastic but also surprisingly cheap example. At the time of writing this, there are only four and a half hours left on the auction, with a current bit of £13,600 (if you want it, hurry). Considering the rarity of the car and just how good it is to drive, that seems like a great price. It’s not in perfect condition but it’s certainly not in bad condition. In fact, it’s in the perfect condition; nice enough to show off and be happy with but not so nice that you’re afraid to drive it. It’s in perfect driving condition.

The ALPINA B10 only has 58,216 miles on the odometer, it’s never had any known body damage, its paint is great save for a few inevitable rock chips, and everything works, except for a rear seat motor. The exterior is painted in a lovely shade of Night Blue, with an Ecru interior. While I personally don’t love the interior color scheme, the exterior is beautiful, especially with the classic ALPINA wheels.

Under the hood lies a 4.8 liter naturally-aspirated V8, with 375 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired, in this case, with a five-speed automatic gearbox. It would be cooler if it were a manual but no one should complain about an automatic in an ALPINA 5 Series.

This is a very cool car that will provide many years of driving enjoyment that can be had at a great price. If you’re in the UK and are looking for a special classic but don’t have a hundred grand to spend (due to how insane classic cars have become), take a look at this E39 ALPINA B10.

[Source: Collecting Cars]