You often hear people say time travel isn’t possible and all sorts of other ways to compare such an experience with a real-life example. Well, it doesn’t get any better than the car we’re showing you today: a 1990 Mini Cooper RSP. This particular car might be 31 years old but it is literally brand new. Confused? You shouldn’t be, as the explanation is quite simple: this car was never registered.

That’s right, even though it’s 31 years old, this Mini was never used on public roads. All it did since it was made was sit and it was quite successful at it. According to the auction ad, this 1990 Mini Cooper RSP is car number 948 out of the 1,050 that stayed in the UK. It was done in British Racing Green and has a white roof, with only 39 miles on the clock even though it’s had four previous owners.

It’s incredible how this car managed to switch hands so much and yet always be kept in storage, as if all of them knew that this way its value will keep increasing! Apparently, the car still has its original tires on and the original fluids, which isn’t great news for a potential future buyer, especially if they want to actually drive it. Nevertheless, even owning this car without actually driving it, is going to bring about some huge bragging rights as you don’t often see a 31-year old car that was never registered.

As for the car and its RSP name, this stands for Rover Special Products and, as the name suggests, this was a small batch of cars built in the summer of 1990 before Rover actually took over the Mini brand. The RSP Mini Cooper models featured a stripped bonnet, leather trim, read leather-bound steering wheel, wooden dashboard and tinted glass. Under the hood you’d find the 1,275-cc MG Metro engine. If you want to buy this car, you’ll have to partake in the Silverstone Auction set for 1st August.