It may seem peculiar to those who aren’t too interested in motorcycles but they actually do come with sound systems now. You might’ve noticed those guys on big bikes rolling around town, blasting Bad to the Bone through their speakers every once in a while, right? Well, that’s proof you can have speakers on a motorcycle too and they aren’t custom made, but offered by the manufacturer from the get go.

To that end, BMW Motorrad recently announced it will be joining forces with Marshall Amplification for its future models. Unless you never had the pleasure of attending a live concert, you most certainly heard of Marshall before, as most bands and artists use their products in concerts and at other venues. The legendary brand has been making speakers and amplifiers for about 60 years now and is originally from Hanwell, London.

Marshall is now based in Bletchey, Milton Keynes (also in the UK) and they put their name on legendary guitar amplifiers used by the world’s best musicians. Since 2012 they have expanded their audio quality into award winning headphones and active speakers designed for music lovers. BMW Motorrad has long been engaged in development work on its motorcycle sound systems. With its now agreed long-term partnership with Marshall the innovation and quality of BMW Motorrad sound systems are set to reach new heights.

According to BMW, the collaboration between the two companies will focus mainly on the Motorrad Heritage segment and that’s the obvious choice. Of course, we’re still a bit far off from seeing the first results and the first bikes launched with Marshall sound systems. The first look into what this strategic partnership will bring to the table will come out on July 29.