As usual, when BMW launches a new car, people want to see just how the real-life results measure up to the claims made by the manufacturer. Most German manufacturers underrate their power figures, leading to exciting dyno resuls, and the M4 Competition is no exception. Ever since it came out and managed to exceed expectations in various tests, people have been curious about just how much power the S58 mill makes.

The guys from RaceChip took one such car out for a couple of tests, to get a baseline reading before starting work on an upgrade, because that’s what they do, they tune cars. Therefore, their goals was to see how the engine performs on a dyno first of all and then to possibly weigh it. As the video shows, the numbers weren’t too far off from what BMW claims. According to the German car maker, the S58 engine under the hood of the M4 Competition should make 510 PS and 650 Nm of torque.

The dyno chart showed 542 PS and 670 Nm of torque. Those are within the error margin for this car but it is important to note that this is still a rear-wheel drive version of the car, which comes with less transmission loss compared to the all-wheel drive version. What’s even more impressive is the way this power and especially torque is delivered. Basically, from around 2,500 RPM, the engine has full torque up until the red line.

As for the weight… Let’s just say that extra power is needed. According to their measurements, the new M4 Competition tips the scale at 1,820 kilos with a full tank of gas. Add a driver in the mix and we’re looking at 1.9 tons for this sports coupe model. At least it’s well distributed but still, this is a considerably heavier car compared to its predecessor.