Since the debut of the BMW M2 CS and Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0, the two cars have gone head-to-head several times, from different publications, with different outcomes. However, no matter how many times pubs put these two cars together, it’s always an interesting read and one worth looking into. In this case, Car and Driver put the two cars head-to-head to see which one they deem worthy of the victory.

The BMW M2 CS and Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 are both very similar and very different. They’re similar in the fact that they’re both analog sports cars at around the same price point, both are available with manual transmissions, both have six-cylinder engines, they’re both rear-wheel drive only, and they’re both designed to engage the driver more than anything else. However, they go about it quite differently. The M2 CS is front-engine and turbocharged, the Cayman is mid-engine and naturally-aspirated. The M2 CS is based on a pretty standard car’s chassis, while the Cayman is a bespoke sports car. The Bimmer also has two back seats, while the Porsche has none.

So which car is the better driver’s car? It’s actually quite interesting because both cars are incredibly fun to drive in very different ways. The Porsche is the sharper, more scalpel-like car of the two, with better steering, a more natural chassis balance, and more precise handling. While the M2 CS is a bit more of a hooligan; it wants to power slide and act foolish. In fact, the notes from C&D’s staffers included the term “devilishly imperfect,” which seems about right for the M2 CS.

It also seems that the BMW M2 CS is the car you want if you prefer looking through your side windows as you drive, in a cloud of tire smoke. It’s a bit more brutal, a bit more brash, but also a bit more exciting. However, the Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0 is the car you want if you prefer precision, delicacy, and pure driver engagement. C&D picked a winner but we won’t spoil it. Instead, read it for yourself and figure out which you’d rather buy.

[Source: Car and Driver]