At 6PM EST (00:01 Germany time), BMW will finally introduce the highly-awaited G42 2 Series Coupe. The only 2 Series with a rear-wheel drive architecture arrives in showrooms this Fall and it’s likely one of the last 2 Series as we know it. The 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe is only the second generation of 2 Series but actually the latest in a long line of small, two-door, four-seat, small-engine, everyday sports cars from BMW.

The BMW 1600, back in the original Neue Klasse, was one of the cars that really got BMW started in this segment. The 1600 was followed by the iconic BMW 2002, which created the template for the brand’s success. Now, the second-generation BMW 2 Series is the newest iteration of such a car and potentially the last since by the time the next-gen comes out, electrification would have taken over. 

As we’ve seen in the leaked images, despite being drastically bigger than the original BMW 2002, there are some design elements that harken back to that legendary sports coupe. The Hofmesiter kink is back and, much like on the 2002, the lower window line is completely flat until it meets the kink, at a sharp angle.

There’s no upward sweeping window line or gimmicky interpretation — it’s the real deal. There’s also a single, unbroken shoulder line, that runs from just above the front wheel, all the way to just before the taillight, which harkens back to the 2002’s famous chrome strip that ran the entire length of the car, even the front and back.

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