What was once a rumor is now becoming a reality. BMW’s M Division is finally going to be making its own bespoke performance car, built entirely by BMW M and not based on an existing BMW product. Think Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and you’ll get the idea. It’s going to be called the BMW XM (formerly known as X8) and it’s not only going to be the first bespoke M model but also the first electrified proper M car. Judging by some new spy photos, it’s also going to add some new design firsts for BMW. (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

In these new photos, we see the upcoming BMW XM driving around public roads wearing heavy camouflage. If you feared the XM would just be an X5 on steroids, fear not. BMW M created an entirely new model that looks nothing like BMW’s existing models. The XM certainly has a unique shape that’s lower, wider, and more aggressive than any other current BMW SUV. It’s still quite massive but it looks sportier than both the X5 and X7.

One interesting new design bit is its exhaust orientation. Like all M cars, the BMW XM gets quad exhausts but it’s how they’re placed in the rear bumper that’s unique. For starters, they’re shaped like melted hexagons, which admittedly isn’t great. However, they’re also stacked on top of each other. Vertically-stacked exhaust pipes are new for BMW and it’s a design that some fans are going to need some time to adjust to.

Image by @joelre98 on Instagram

The car we see in these spy photos is also the upcoming hybrid model, as evidenced by the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” badges. That means it’s going to get a twin-turbo V8, along with electric power, to make over 700 horsepower. So it will be the most powerful M car in history, in addition to all of its other firsts.

We’re all very intrigued by this BMW XM. Its name is odd (and slightly confusing), its design is entirely new, its exhausts are funky, it’s going to be the first-ever hybrid M car, and it’s the first-ever bespoke M Division product and for some reason is an SUV. It’s one of those cars that’s either going to be amazing or a real head scratcher. Either way, we can’t wait to find out.

[Source: Motor1] [Top Image: @Joelre98 on Instagram]