Despite its controversial looks, no objective journalist or enthusiast can seem to deny the incredibly driving dynamics of the G80 BMW M3 Competition. Some enthusiasts are even going as far as to say that it might be the best driving M3 of all time. The E46 M3 might have something to say about that but the new G80 is absolutely good enough to be considered in that conversation. In this new video from, host Ciro de Siena tries to answer that question.

The BMW M3 Competition is an interesting car because its looks are incredibly divisive. Some think it looks great, others think it looks absolutely atrocious. To be honest, while our Instagram voters seem to be split down the middle, of all the people I’ve encountered both in the industry and out of it, about three percent of people actually like its looks. However, the way it drives is more important than the way it looks. Thankfully, it drives brilliantly.

As de Siena points out, the new BMW M3 has a great combination of traits; it’s both hardcore and refined. It can sort of be whatever you want it to be. If you want it to be an unhinged lunatic, it can do that well. If you want it to be easy going and controllable, it can do that, too. It has an impressive duality that’s hard to come by, even with all of today’s modern electronics.

I’d have to agree. There’s a lovely sense that the car will just do whatever you ask it to, whenever you ask it to, without fuss. You can drive it around town in pure automatic/comfort mode all day but then, when you find a twisty bit of road to exploit, click the “M1” or “M2” button on the steering wheel and turn it into a psychopath. And the best part about it is that it’s really good at both.

I can’t say for certain that the G80 BMW M3 Competition is the best M3 of all time but the fact that journalists like de Siena even put it in the conversation is incredibly impressive. Looks be damned.