I must admit, this is one of the BMW M3 reviews I’ve been waiting for most. When Jason Cammisa was on our podcast, he was… let’s say unkind to the new M3’s styling. Rightfully so, as the new M3 is probably the most controversial (see: freakish looking) BMW in history. Additionally, Cammisa is also a BMW owner, who’s passionate about the brand. So I was curious as to what he thought about the way it actually drives.

That was especially true after driving the new M3 because it blew me away and I’m not half the driver Cammisa is, nor do I have access to the sorts of roads and/or tracks to truly exploit it. So what are his thoughts on the BMW M3 Competition?

In this new video from Hagerty, Cammisa takes you on a bit of a trip through history, before getting into the new M3 Comp. You get to learn about the E30 M3 and how it was developed to take on the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3. He also drives the E46 M3, which reminds me of how much I need to own one. Then, he finally gets to the G80 M3 Competition and I have to say, I’m surprised at his conclusion.

After lapping the BMW M3 Competition on track, Cammisa seems to love it. Having driven it myself, I fully understand why — it’s flipping fantastic — but it’s good to hear that I’m not an idiot (in this specific instance, not in general. I’m definitely an idiot). In fact, he claims it’s so good, on track, it may be the best driving M3 ever made. Considering how effusive he was about the E46 M3 earlier in the video, that’s a massive statement.

Go check out the video, it’s almost thirty minutes long but it’s a great watch and absolutely worth your time.