Back in 2016, BMW released photos of some very special renditions of the 7 Series, which was in the pre-facelift era back then. These models were dubbed ‘Solitaire Edition‘ and, according to BMW, only six of them were scheduled for production alongside a truly unique model by the name of Master Class Edition. These cars were meant to showcase just what BMW Individual Manufaktur is capable of and then some.

We haven’t heard of these cars ever since but last week, the guys from BMW Abu Dhabi had a little visitor around their showroom: the BMW 7 Series Master Class Edition. As it turns out, even special models require servicing from time to time. After all, they are still cars at their core, right? This particular one is truly exquisite though, as it comes with some very carefully picked out combinations of colors and materials.

This Master Class model is painted in BMW Individual Metallic Solitaire White, a color that can only be applied using an extremely complex method, by which fine glass flakes are embedded into one of the final layers of paint, resulting in a particularly pronounced deep gloss. The C-Pillar of the car, as you’re about to notice, bears a plaque that lets you know this is a special model, while the door sills tell you this is that one, unique Master Class Edition nobody saw before.

The interior is done in Tartufo, this color being used for basically everything, from the floor mats to the leather upholstery and even the roof liner done in Alcantara. The wood trims also wear Solitaire badges on them and have a psychedelic insert on the doors and dash. However, the center console, side sill plates and the boot lid cover all have a ‘Master Class’ inscription, pointing to the rarity of this particular model. The car also came with a special keyfob box in a Piano Black finish, with a pearlescent insert on the lid.