It’s finally that time of the year again. With Mothers Day in the rearview mirror, everyone is getting ready for a summer filled with long drives and warmer weather. Summer is packed with everyone’s favorite activities including car shows, track days and cruise ins. But don’t let the excitement of the summer show season make you forget about Father’s Day.

Spending the day barbequing and with dad is easy, but let’s face it, it’s never easy to know what the best gift is for your old man (let alone one for your BMW-obsessed father). You need a gift that like dad, arrives quickly and will put a smile on his face when he opens it. We are making your shopping a little bit easier, and created a guide of the 7 best gifts for BMW owners on Fathers Day.

What do you get for your BMW-loving father?

Around this time of the year, dad tends to pull the BMW out of the garage more often as he spends his Saturdays detailing the exterior and his Sundays driving the new M3 to the local Cars and Coffee. So each item we feature here is designed to help dad enjoy his BMW just a little bit more. From artwork to accessories, our team has you covered.

The 7 Best Gifts For BMW Owners

1. Respoke Collection  – Custom BMW Artwork

If your dad is looking for new wall art for his new home office or something to decorate the empty walls in his garage, look no further. Respoke Collection provides custom illustrations of Dad’s car to help create the perfect garage decor. Turn your fathers’ car into his favorite piece of art, or shop their collection of pre-made BMW artwork that ship fast and will make the perfect piece of automotive artwork this Fathers Day. Shop Custom BMW Artwork at Respoke Collection

2. BMW Car Covers

With the summer approaching quickly, a car cover can protect the expensive paint on Dad’s BMW from the sun beating down on it every day in the driveway. That’s where comes in. No matter the model, they’ve got you covered (excuse the pun) from the E30 to an M4. They are the leader in BMW car covers and ship free everywhere in the US and Canada. also offers a 30 day warranty and 24/7 phone support to help answer any questions you may have about dad’s BMW make and model. Shop BMW Car Covers

3. Motorized Coffee Subscription

Save money on your favorite automotive brands by drinking Motorized Coffee. This Father’s Day, when you sign up for a Coffee Club Subscription you get a free mug and free shipping with your freshly roasted coffee. Save hundreds of dollars on car parts and accessories with their lineup of exclusive discounts reserved for their coffee club members. Signature coffee on your schedule has never been easier this Father’s Day.  Get discounts on detailing supplies, car parts, new wheels, swag, and more when you drink Motorized Coffee. Use code BMWBLOG for 15% OFF sitewide

4. BMW CCA subscription

If all your dad talks about is his BMW, this is the gift for him this fathers day. The BMW CCA subscription is the largest single-marque car club in the world with thousands of other BMW owners and enthusiasts. A one year membership gets you access to the Roundel and Bimmerlife magazines, deals on accessories and gear, and access to exclusive BMW CCA member events. All of this plus access to your local chapter for only $58! And when you sign him up for a 3 year membership you can even get a BMW Grille Badge as pictured above. Sign Dad Up For A BMW CCA Subscription

5. One Day M School

One of the coolest driving experiences we have seen yet. BMW Performance Center offers a full day of driving delight with a wide array of driving skills packed into the day. The skills range from practicing your drifting to hitting the straightaway at full speeds and three other driving experiences. This is one of the most exciting fathers day gifts you can get your BMW-obsessed dad this year. And they offer a track on each coast. One in Spartanburg, South Carolina and another in Thermal, California – so you can even drive there if you’re close enough. Treat dad with a day of adrenaline-boosting driving with professional instructors this Fathers Day. Sign Up For BMW Performance Driving School

6. Car Detailing

A great detailing job is every BMW owners dream. It puts car washes to shame and can turn any BMW into a “like new” condition. Plus, getting Dad’s car detailed is a simple way to say thank you for being such a great father over all the years. These detailing companies go beyond the soap and suds and do everything from exterior wax to fine tuning the upholstery on the inside. Most car detailing businesses will come to you, so there’s no need to even take the BMW out of the driveway. And at $75-150, this is an affordable gift to let Dad’s BMW glisten in the driveway this summer.

7. Griots Garage Gift Set

Car detailing might be a bit out of the budget. So if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves yourself, we recommend going with the Starter Care Cleaning Kit. That way you’re able to clean Dad’s BMW for Fathers Day and still have the supplies left over in the garage for future cleans.

Shop Griots Garage Starter Care Kit

8. The Stylish Backpack – Peak Design

Do you like taking short road trips or going on overnight adventures with your BMW? Then all you need is a stylish and extremely functional backpack. Peak Design has been a favorite of ours for years and since we’ve been using their product almost every day, we have no choice but to recommend them. If you haven’t heard of the company, then we recommend reading upon them. They make some of the coolest and most innovative bags we’ve ever used.

We started our journey with their products with their EveryDay Backpack, first in a 20 liter configuration and later in the 30 liter. We enjoy the flexibility in size since at some events we don’t need our full gear, so a smaller bag will suffice. But for the time when we need to pack many lenses, cameras and gimbals, the 30 liter EveryDay Backpack is extremely spacious and useful. If you want even more space, you can get the Everyday Backpack Zip which can be used as an overnight bag. It’s spacious, cool looking and waterproof.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for dad is hard no matter the time of the year. But for the dad who spends so much of his time in the garage, it’s tough knowing what he’s looking for. This Fathers Day rest assured knowing that you’re getting dad a gift that is vetted and approved by other BMW owners! You’ll be giving him a gift or experience that he will treasure for years to come.