Social media is now part of our lives. Period. The various platforms we’re using are becoming more and more popular and are influencing our lives more than we (or their creators) ever imagined. TikTok is the latest big name in this game and it has taken the world by storm. The Chinese platform has been on the rise lately, with its 60-second videos and catchy song-dance combinations, prompting a response from every industry.

Basically, as Facebook is falling back in the preferences of most people (for various reasons, including using too much of our personal data for different purposes) TikTok is rising. But what about cars on this platform, is there a place for our beloved four-wheel creations? Certainly! A new study, published this week, tried to find out which car maker was the most popular on the new platform and the results are interesting.

Our own TikTok Channel

The one brand with the most views, by quite a long shot, was BMW. According to the people over at, their research analyzed the number of views on TikTok videos using hashtags mentioning each vehicle make and model. The end result showed the Bavarian brand on the number one spot, with 17.6 million views. That was nearly double the amount of the brand on the second place, Mercedes, with 9 million views.

The top five was completed by Lamborghini, with 8.3 million views, Tesla with 7.2 million views and Audi with 7 million views. Those numbers do go in line with trends on other platforms right now, BMW being a true online sensation on social media, both on Facebook and Instagram, having the biggest numbers in the industry. That also goes for Youtube right now, the video platform being on the rise lately as well. Basically, if you want to be noticed right now, you have to be creating videos.