There may not be a better all-around car in the BMW lineup than the M340i Touring (ALPINA B3 Touring excluded). It looks great, it F80 M3-fast, handles far better than you’d expect from a standard 3 Series, and even has a big, practical trunk. This specific BMW M340i Touring, though, might be the best looking one we’ve ever seen.

In this new video from Joe Achilles, we get to see a brand-new 2021 model year M340i Touring in what could be the absolute perfect spec. For starters, it gets an Individual Peridot Green, which is one of the best shades of green we’ve ever seen on a BMW. It’s just the perfect blend of subtlety and excitement. It also works perfectly with the standard cognac colored leather sets which, for the 2021 model year, are optional M seats that look fabulous.

However, it’s not just the green paint that makes it stand out. The owner combed through the M Performance Parts catalog for the BMW M340i Touring and found Style 898 M wheels, which are essential Style 736 M wheels, just with the right fitment for G-series BMWs. Though, they only come in matte gray. So the owner had them finished in gold and they look absolutely perfect on the Peridot Green BMW M340i Touring. Also, being a 2021 model year car, red brake calipers were optional and were the right choice, as the standard blue ones wouldn’t have looked as good with the rest of the car’s color scheme.

We don’t get the M340i Touring here in the ‘States, which is a shame because I’d sell a couple of organs to get this exact spec car as my daily. Not only is the M340i Touring the perfect car for an enthusiast with a small family, but this spec adds enough fun and excitement to make it feel special.