Even a few weeks after the embargo for driving impressions was lifted, the intrigue surrounding the BMW M3 and M4 is still present. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the new M cars, for both positive and negative reasons. So we thought we’d show you a quick clip from our time with the BMW M4 in Palm Beach, Florida.

In this clip, Horatiu shows off the new BMW M4 up close; its design, interior, specs, and colors; so you can get a better look at the new M car. At the moment, if you want a closer look at one in person, you’ll have to find one at a dealership. However, there aren’t many sitting on dealer lots just yet, so this might be the closest you get to seeing one for some time.

Also, the cars in this video have vibrant color specs that you likely won’t see on dealer lots. For instance, the Sao Paulo Yellow worn by the BMW M4 in this video is one of the most vibrant and interesting colors the M Division has debuted in some time. Sure, the obnoxious grille is emphasized by the highlighter yellow paint work but it’s still a great color and I’m personally just so sick of grey, silver, and dark blue cars in every automakers’ press photos and press fleets that seeing something so bold is genuinely refreshing.

It also comes with the awesome Yas Marina Blue/Yellow interior color spec, with BMW’s new and fantastic carbon fiber bucket seats. We’ve heard some complaints that the seats can be a bit uncomfortable for larger people over long journeys and that the little carbon bit that separates passengers’ legs can be annoying at times. That’s the price to pay for having kick-ass sport seats, though, and they seem like necessary options.

We haven’t had the chance to properly review the BMW M3 or BMW M4 just yet but it’s coming soon so stay tuned. Until then, check this video out and get an up close look at the M4.