If you’ve ever sat your cheeks in a Rolls-Royce — any Rolls-Royce — you’d know it’d be a wonderful place to spend many hours in. Sumptuous leather, plush seats, and enough luxury features to spoil king make the interior of any Roller more than comfortable for hours at a time. But what about an entire day, a whole 24 hours, in the back of a Rolls-Royce Ghost? That’s exactly what Sam from Seen Through Glass did.

In this latest video, Sam took inspiration from American travel YouTubers Kara and Nate, who spent 24 hours at the world’s largest gas station. Considering Sam is from the UK, which doesn’t have the world’s largest gas station, he decided to spend 24 hours at the UK’s largest gas (petrol) station, which ironically wasn’t very far from his home.

However, rather than stay in a camper, with a bed and a kitchen, like Kara and Nate, Same decided to roll (pun unintended) in a bit more style. So he camped out at the UK’s largest gas station in a Rolls-Royce Ghost for 24 hours.

Despite being the “baby” Rolls, the back seat of a Ghost is about as comfy and accommodating as you’ll find in an automobile. The doors close by themselves, with the push of a button, there are automatic tray tables with touchscreen entertainment behind them, and a starry night headliner that gives the interior more ambiance than a luxury hotel suite. Sure, it’s obviously tighter than in a camper but I can almost guarantee that the seats in the Roller are more comfortable. Nary a tush will ever get sore in the rear thrones of a Ghost.

Admittedly, Sam didn’t spend the entire 24 hours in the back of the Roller, as he left to get food a few times, so he had time to stretch his legs and move around a bit. Still, many, many hours were spent in the back of the Ghost. After seeing what it’s like, it’s pretty clear that the only cars better suited for such a task (as if it’s a task that anyone will ever carry out) would be cars like the Rolls-Royce Phantom or Bentley Mulsanne; equally luxurious cars with just a bit more leg room.