Now that the BMW M3 and M4 have not only been revealed but have been tested, and proven to be quite good, the next big performance car from the M Division is going to be the upcoming 2022 BMW M2. This current M2 is going out on a high note, with the brilliant M2 CS garnering near universal praise. However, we’re all now looking forward to the next M2, to see if BMW can keep its tradition of small, two-door, rear-wheel drive sports cars alive. In some new spy photos, the next-gen M2 Coupe looks promising. Thankfully. (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

Up close and from the side, this new BMW M2 looks a bit longer, a bit lower, and a bit sleeker than before. It still has upright-ish pillars and tall glass, which is a staple of BMW’s two-door sedan-type vehicles. Think BMW 2002 and E30 M3.

In these spy photos, we can’t see some of its more intricate details, due to camouflage, so we can’t tell what the grilles or headlights will look like, exactly. We also can’t see its Hofmeister Kink, as it’s covered by a fake body panel.

We can, however, see that the shoulder line of this new BMW M2 is similar to that of the M4; a subtler, less aggressive look. That might disappoint some fans, as the current car’s butch, aggressive styling is one of its best features. However, there are some interesting touches that might make this new M2 stand out.

It seems as if there’s a slight bulge in the hood, similar to that of the E92 BMW M3, though it could be camouflaged fakery. It also has some very aggressively flared wheel arches, giving it that butch stance again. Though, the rears do look a bit dumpy. Also, it seems as if the M2’s front radar sensor is mounted in the center of the front air intakes, which hope is accurate. The new M3 has the front radar sensor asymmetrically placed in one of the kidney grilles and it drives OCD-types like myself insane.

When this new BMW M2 debuts, it’s likely going to be the last of its kind. With mass-electrification quickly becoming a reality, cars like the M2 are a dying breed and the end is near. So even if it’s not as aggressive looking as the previous car, we should embrace it with open arms because it’s likely the last we’ll ever see of such a car.

[Source: Motor Authority]