Top Gear journos are lucky, in that they have a large garage full of long-term test cars that they get to live with for months at a time. Not just any cars, either, but high-performance sports cars. Three of those cars are the BMW m440i, Toyota Supra 3.0 and the Mercedes-AMG A45S. In this new three-way comparison, which is actually more of a discussion between a few journos about the three cars that they live with regularly, we get to see which is best.

All three cars are different. The BMW M440i is a 2+2 coupe with a back seat and tons of comfort. The Toyota Supra is a two-seat sports car with no back seat and a sportier feel. While the Mercedes-AMG A45 S is completely different, as it’s a five-door hatchback with all-wheel drive and turbocharged four-cylinder engine. But they’re all supposed to be sports cars. So which one is best? Best way to find out is to ask three people who’ve been living with each of them.

As with most reviews, the BMW M440i is considered to be more of a baby-8 Series than a sportier 3 Series, which certainly hurts its sports car-cred. I think it’s a great GT car, myself, but must agree that a sports car it is not.


While the Toyota Supra is a fine sports car; its quick and it handles well; but it seems a bit too sloppy, which means you’re never eager to push it hard as a driver. That’s a shame because it looks flipping fantastic but its driving dynamics don’t match its exiting design.

Lastly, the Mercedes-AMG A45 S is a bit of a lunatic, with rock-hard suspension and a sort of psychopath demeanor. It’s certainly the most capable of the three in bad weather but it might be a bit too insane for the daily drive.

So which car is the one the three journos deem best? It’s the Mercedes-AMG A45 S and it’s hard to disagree. The BMW M440i is a good car but it’s more for comfy cruising than sporty driving and the Supra just doesn’t feel right when pushing it hard. The AMG is a bit manic but at least it’s fun, exciting and full of character. If all three keys were up for grabs before a twisty canyon drive, they’d likely all choose the AMG and I probably would, too.

[Source: Top Gear]