The John Cooper Works logo has become synonymous with high-performance, in a bid to create a wider variety to choose from inside the MINI range. Therefore, you can now get a variety of MINI models with the JCW package on them, suited to your needs. And all of them will have a certain feeling from behind the wheel, a feeling that’s more fun and engaging than its competitors.

From the suspension to the power and looks, JCW cars have a distinctive flavor that’s hard to get out of your head once you drove one of these. The guys from Car Advice decided to try a few out and see how they compare, in a very interesting JCW group review. Some of the cars that are also available in JCW guise are missing for some reason, and we have to make due with a hatch, a Clubman and a JCW GP model. Depending on where you live, you could also get a Countryman JCW and a Convertible model if you want to.

2020 MINI JCW Clubman ALL4 TEST DRIVE 19 830x553

It’s important to note that out of the entire range, only the Hatch and Convertible models are available with a six-speed manual gearbox, the one to have on such a fun little car. The Clubman or the Countryman and even the JCW GP model are only available with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. There’s another important aspect you need to keep in mind too: after an upgrade done a few years back, the Clubman and Countryman models come with the same engine as the one used on the JCW GP, whereas the hatch still uses a 231 horsepower version of the B48 engine under the hood.

No matter what you choose, the MINI JCW range has plenty of options for everyone. You can go for a more hardcore model, or a more practical one. At the same time, no matter what you choose, you still get to customize your car with endless options so you’re pretty much covered every way.