On January 27, 2021, Polish BMW dealer Sikora inaugurated the first individual showroom dedicated to BMW M and M Motorsport in Central & Eastern Europe, located within the dealership complex in the city of Mikołów, Poland. By all standards, the new BMW M Sikora showroom in Poland is a proper dealership, offering customers the access to wide range of services ranging from professional advice and support of authorized sales staff, maintenance and repair to special private/circuit events.

In addition to the full range of standard road-approved models, motorsport enthusiasts can also choose from a rich variety of well-known motor racing models, including the BMW M2 CS Racing, M4 GT3, M4 GT4, M6 GT3 , M8 GTE and M4 DTM. These cars meet the FIA ​​approval requirements for racing (without approval for public road traffic), so owners can compete in various car competitions around the world.

Besides the access to the full range of BMW M models in unique configurations, the new showroom offers the chance to directly experience the qualities of these unique cars during testing. The dealer offers test drive opportunities on regular roads and circuits, as well as trips to various scenic regions of Poland.

Furthermore, BMW M fans are invited to take part in regular motorsport events on prestigious circuits. During these meetings, the drivers improve their driving skills, building on the competence of professionals, including Ireneusz Sikora, a motor racing driver with numerous awards in motorsport.

The three-times Polish superbike champion is also a successful automotive entrepreneur, having been involved in business activities for more than 25 years. He opened up his first BMW showroom in Bielsko Biała in 2002, followed by the Mikołow dealership in 2007.

The architecture of the building combines the elegance and simplicity with the dynamic features of the M brand. The entire roof rests on sloping pillars, while the shape of the imposing windows, over four meters, is reminiscent of the BMW M logo.

The clients are welcomed into a Lounge area, which facilitates cozy, pleasurable meetings. In addition, the BMW M Sikora showroom has been equipped with an intelligent multimedia management system, in which lighting and sound are intelligently synchronized with the images displayed.