One of the coolest new features offered on the new BMW M3 and M4 is the new carbon fiber sport seat. Optional on the M3 and M4, even on the Competition models, the new carbon fiber-backed sport buckets are not only incredibly cool looking but they’re also lighter than the standard seats and hold their passengers tighter. So there’s real function to their form. In this new video, we get to learn about the new sport seats and their advantages.

First, the video shows you the standard seat that comes with every BMW M3 and M4 model, even the Competition models. So without optioning anything, it’s the seat you’ll get in your M3 or M4 and it’s a perfectly lovely looking seat, with nice bolsters with plenty of adjustment. However, they’re not very exciting.

Next, you get to see the carbon fiber sport buckets. Interestingly, BMW didn’t make the carbon sport buckets one piece. So the seat back and seat bottom are separate pieces, unlike some other sport seats you’ll find in something like a high-end Porsche GT car. This was done to keep the seats adjustable. However, the seat back is still made from carbon fiber, saving 5 kg (11 lbs) per seat.

Interestingly, BMW thought of track drivers with the new carbon buckets. Because the headrests on the carbon seats aren’t adjustable, they might become a nuisance to helmet-wearing drivers on track. So BMW made the leather headrest pad removable, with just two easily accessible screws holding it on, thus allowing a few extra centimeters of space in which a helmet can rest.

For customers, the M carbon bucket seat is likely the best choice. Not only does it look fantastic but it provides much more support when driving quickly. It also allows you to feel the car a bit more through your butt, as there’s less cushion, so you get a bit more feedback. That said, if you plan on daily driving your BMW M3 or M4 and want a bit more comfort, the standard seat might be better for you.