We often forget how lucky we are to live in this day and age. Cars have become more impressive by the day and now we can revel in what may very well be the epitome of the internal combustion engine. As we’re looking towards the dawn of the electrified car the sun is setting on gas-burning mills. And what a great way to say goodbye! Today we’re looking at some of the finest cars to have been launched ever: the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, Audi RS7 and Mercedes-AMG GT63 S 4-door.

The on manhandling them on Blister Berg is Tim Schrick, a true legend in the German car enthusiast community, a man that definitely knows what he’s doing behind the wheel. He decided to try the three four-door coupe models out and see which one he likes most. And before you start with the complaining, the RS7 is powerful enough to be included in this comparison. I know it has the least amount of power here but still, 600 HP is not a small number!

The Audi has bigger problems to deal with, unfortunately, being the only car here that isn’t built on a bespoke rear-wheel drive platform. That makes its engine hang a bit too further up, weighing down the front axle and leading to understeer, as Tim points out in the video. Unfortunately, if you don’t speak German, you’ll have to take my word for it or try and figure out what he’s saying using the Closed Caption option in the Youtube player.

The one car he seems to prefer the most is the BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition. According to him, the BMW has the most natural handling on the track. It doesn’t understeer and you can control the rear axle and the amount of turn-in with your right foot very easily. The steering was also the best in the BMW out of the three cars here, while the Merc was considered too heavy for its own good. There’s also a mention that may surprise some people, but according to Tim, the RWD mode is not really attractive as it makes controlling the M8 a tricky business altogether. 4WD Sport it is, then!