BMW reached yet another milestone this week, a different one though. The BMW YouTube channel reached more than one million subscribers and that comes with an automatic Golden Button Award from the video platform. This confirms the growing importance of such platforms in the way companies can reach customers and their fans, completely changing the way marketing is done nowadays.

The number of subscribers to the BMW YouTube channel has increased to 1.14 million at the latest count. Films uploaded by BMW have registered some 333 million views worldwide to date, with users spending around 6.5 million hours checking out videos on the brand’s channel. And the audience is responding in various ways to what they are seeing: a user likes, shares or comments on a BMW video every 57 seconds.

According to YouTube’s experts, BMW was rated “the hottest auto brand on YouTube” this year. The films posted as part of the #nextgen 2020 presentation forum have been highlighted, showing how an entertaining mix of discussion panels, documentary reports and new reveals of models and vehicle concepts had vividly showcased the innovative spirit and future-focused outlook of the company.

It was with the help of these videos that BMW managed to push past the 1 million subscriber mark. The channel includes a wide variety of types of content, from new model presentations to profile pieces and even glimpses of future tech. There’s also a ‘How To’ section, dedicated to helping out new or existing customers in learning how to get the most out of their BMW models. The most popular post so far has been “The Small Escape” – a short film with high production values released last year, set in 1960s Berlin, telling us the story of how some people escaped the communist regime by using a BMW Isetta. To date, this video has over 23 million views.

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