When the first trailer for the upcoming Bond film No Time to Die debuted, fans were jazzed about seeing Bond do gunfire-filled donuts in a 1965 Aston Martin DB5, the classic Bond car. However, for the actual filming of the movie, the production team did not use a real 1965 Aston Martin. Instead, they built a kit car, with a perfect replica body and custom-built chassis for stunt car-duty. However, for the engine, it’s believed that the stunt team actually went with something more Bavarian.

Of course, the stunt team won’t disclose what sort of engine this specific DB5 stunt car uses but they did say that it uses a naturally-aspirated straight-six engine that’s relatively modern and makes just over 300 horsepower. There aren’t many engines that fit that bill, so it’s commonly believed, and we’re all almost certain, that it uses an E46 BMW M3 engine. That theory is all but confirmed but the noise of it as well, as it has the same signature BMW I6 wail at full chat.

Photo by Aston Martin Media Room for editorial purposes

In this video, we get to see The Stig lap the E46 M3-powered Aston Martin DB5 stunt car around a closed road loop and it’s glorious. Not only does it look awesome but it seems like so much fun. The stunt car’s chassis, being specifically built for stunt driving, looks incredibly well balanced and controllable. The Stig slides it around beautifully and it just holds onto big drifts. All the while, you hear that unfiltered six-cylinder engine screaming along, making genuine motorsport noises and it’s highly addictive.

What’s funny is when you see the POV on-board camera, you see The Stig working a massive diameter wooden steering wheel from a ’60s Aston Martin. From that view, the noise and rate of pace seem completely at odds with the car and it’s awesome. Check it out and have some fun.