This new F90-generation of BMW M5 is like no other in history due to one very specific new feature — all-wheel drive. Because the F90 M5 is the first all-wheel drive M5 in history, it’s actually used a bit differently than other M5s. It’s still a tire-shredding, monster sedan, but it’s also now usable in winter months and even some snow. So owners are getting more use out of their M5s than ever before. So we thought it wise to put together a list of items for the BMW M5 owner in your life for this holiday season.

This is a sponsored post by WeatherTech. More information about WeatherTech automotive accessories can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

WeatherTech FloorLiner 

Being that there’s far more of a chance that BMW M5 owners will drive their new car in the snow than with previous-gen M5s, we suggest getting a set of all-weather, durable floor mats. The WeatherTech FloorLiner is among the best sets of custom-fit floor mats on the market. Not only are these floor mats laser measured to fit the exact shape of the M5’s footwells, but they also feature deep side lips to keep mud and snow in the mats and not in your car. Plus, they’re easy to take out, hose down and clean off, so they never get too dirty.

When you have a car as luxurious and expensive as the BMW M5, you don’t want snowy, muddy boots ruining your carpets. So in the winter, swap those nice M-branded floor mats out for some WeatherTech ones to keep it clean and dry. They come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, so you know they are designed to last.

HRE P101 Wheels

Azurite Black Metallic BMW F90 M5 on HRE P101 Wheels in Brushed Titanium

When it comes to premium wheels for an M car, it’s hard to do better than HRE. The aftermarket wheel company from California makes arguably the best aftermarket wheels on the planet and the P101 series wheel is a gorgeous one for the BMW M5.

This new F90 M5 is near-perfect as a super sedan; it’s brutally fast, fun to drive and shockingly comfortable. However, if it has a downside — none of its wheels look particularly good from the factory. So a set of aftermarket wheels can really enhance the look of your extremely expensive, extraordinarily fast sedan.

The P101 is a clean, simple sporty design that works perfectly with the styling of the M5. They feature a five V-spoke pattern with a bit of a dish to them and a variety of different finishes. We love the satin black and the Frozen Gold finishes.

HRE P101s are made from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum. So they’re not only incredibly light but also incredibly strong. They might be expensive but they come with a two-year finish warranty and a lifetime structural warranty.

WeatherTech Cargo Liner

Many customers think cargo liners that protect the cargo area are only for SUVs and wagons. However, having a cargo liner in a sedan is helpful, too, even for everyday items you carry. It might just be the trunk liner, but you don’t want to ruin it with anything dirty or wet from the weather. A trunk liner that is designed to precisely fit the curves of your vehicle goes a long way in keeping your trunk dry and clean.

The WeatherTech Cargo Liner fits the trunk of the M5 perfectly, thanks to laser measurements and an outer lip. So anything wet or muddy, such as a kid’s dirty soccer cleats or muddy boots, won’t get your trunk dirty.

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5

Now that the BMW M5 is all-wheel drive, it can be used in winter months and in snow. However, even with all-wheel drive, it needs the right tires to safely perform in cold and slippery conditions. A good set of Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 winter tires will not only allow you to stay safe but also allow the M5 to perform as well as it can.

We’ve discussed ad nauseam not just the benefits but the need for winter tires in colder months. As good as all-season tire technology has gotten, they still can’t compare to the road-holding ability of proper winter rubber when the temperatures dip below freezing and snow starts to fall.

Michelin’s Alpin 5 is an outstanding winter performance tire and is part of the now-famous Michelin Pilot family of performance tires. So if you want your M5 to perform the way it can with all 600 horses under the hood, which is sort of the point of buying an M5, then you’re going to want a set of winter rubber.

ClearFrame License Plate Frame

Getting a weatherproof license plate frame might sound a bit silly at first but it’s actually incredibly helpful. The WeatherTech ClearFrame is not only virtually indestructible, it keeps moisture and dirt from building up behind it. While that might seem trivial, you don’t want moisture or muck trapped against the paint of your car, especially on older, more rust-prone cars. Additionally, the ClearFrame comes with marine-grade stainless steel screws, so they don’t rust or corrode on your nice new BMW M5.

One additional aspect of the ClearFrame that I personally love is the flexible gasket that seats it perfectly against your car. This prevents any rattles or squeaks coming from the frame. Have you ever had a dealer-installed license plate bracket that doesn’t fit properly and rattles every time you close the trunk? That makes me genuinely insane. So the ClearFrame removes that un-premium noise from your very premium BMW M5.

M Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps

A BMW M5 is supposed to be a bit subtle, only lightly showing off its monstrous power underneath its skin. However, this new F90 M5 might be the tamest looking of all M5s. At a glance, it’s almost impossible to distinguish it from the standard 5 Series, which is not what you want from an M car. So why not add just a touch of flare to show your neighbors that your 5 Series is in fact an M5, especially if you opted for the M5 Competition?

These M Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps can do just that. It’s a relatively small visual upgrade but one that will almost instantly get people to realize that your M5 is actually a performance car and not a 530i lease-special. Plus, M cars always have special side mirror designs, so why not show them off?

While there are other carbon fiber exterior parts from the M Performance Parts catalog, the mirror caps are a nice subtle upgrade that just hint at the performance underneath.