BMW announced today that the Thermal BMW Performance Center in California is getting a couple of new models for prospective customers. The biggest and most bad-ass of them is the introduction of the M4 GT4. The sports car offered for private racing companies will now be available for those interested in testing it out alongside the M2 CS Racing for the 2021 season.

The cheapest way to get behind the wheel of a BMW M4 GT4 is to buy the BMW M and GT4 Experience at $2,795. This is a full-day program including sessions with various M cars and the M4 GT4. Students will run guided laps behind a BMW instructor after getting a through introduction into proper driving techniques and the car itself. The class also includes VBOX data and a video system inside the car to record the run, access to instructors crew and support, the gear you’ll need to do it safely, insurance and a lunch at the BMW Performance Center cafe.

The second cheapest package includes private coaching with data and video for $4,995. This offers you all the previous tier benefits but a longer experience behind the wheel of the M4 GT4, up to 125 miles of hot laps. Last but not least we have the $9,995 package that includes all the aforementioned benefits and up to 250 miles behind the wheel of the car. Of course, if you’re willing to pay for it, you can add as many miles as you want to. All you have to do is ask.

The Thermal BMW Performance Center is also offering a Race License School option for those interested. This is a SCCA-certified school that allows you to take the first steps towards becoming a pro racing driver. The school covers the basics, such as what significance the track flag colors have, how to pass under both braking and acceleration and how to get the best race start. The price for the Race License School course is $2,495.