The F10 BMW M5 doesn’t received as much love as maybe it deserves. It was criticized by purists for being the first ever turbocharged M5 and it was also known as being a bit too heavy and numb. That said, it was still a fantastic super sedan, with blistering performance, impressive handling and surprising ride comfort. It also looked great. But the F10 M5 had one key feature that gives it a special place in the history of the M5 — it was available with a manual transmission.

For the North American market only, the F10 BMW M5 was available with a six-speed manual gearbox, marking the end of the row-your-own ‘boxes in M5s. It was an option for North America (sadly, no other market had the manual option), though it was rarely every bought. Which is why BMW discontinued the manual M5 shortly after offering it. Only 577 models were ever sold with the six-speed equipped, making it one of the rarer modern M cars you can buy.

This specific one is up for sale on Cars and Bids, allowing one lucky BMW enthusiast to get into a very special M5 for far less than it was sold for when new. Admittedly, it’s not all original, so don’t go expecting some perfectly preserved collectors car. Instead, it’s an M5 to drive, hence the manual. So it has an upgraded BMS air intake, VRSF downpipes and a Supersprint exhaust, to go along with a Stage 2 Pro Tuning Freaks engine tune. So it makes quite a bit more than its 560 stock horsepower.

From the outside, it looks bone-stock, though. It sits on stock wheels, its standard suspension and without a single exterior addition. It does have tinted windows but that barely counts as a modification, if at all.

This F10 BMW M5 only has 39,000 miles on it, so it’s still quite fresh, it’s never been in an accident and has a clean title. So for a BMW enthusiast that wants a luxurious, high-speed sedan, this one is tough to pass up. Plus, it’s literally the last of the manual M5s in history.

[Source: Cars and Bids]